Fascia & Soffit Replacements and Repairs in Elgin, Illinois and Chicagoland

Most homeowners are unaware of how important your home’s gutter system is to the health of their home. Even less acknowledged than your gutter system are your fascia & soffit boards, which are important for your gutter system, but many homeowners are completely unaware of the benefits they provide. Before we discuss our repair services, let’s explore what fascia & soffit boards are exactly!

What Are Fascia & Soffits

While many homeowners are aware of their existence, if you ask the average homeowner to identify their fascia or soffit boards, they won’t be able to!

Fascia boards are the long, straight boards that run just below the eaves of your roof, horizontally across the bottom of your roof line. To easily identify them, just remember that your fascia boards are what your gutter system is fastened to. This means that if your gutter system isn’t draining properly and is draining over the sides, it is likely doing damage to your fascia boards, and if your gutters are detaching from your home, your rotted fascia boards are likely to blame.

Your soffits are the board that runs underneath your fascia boards. They often have small openings for ventilation, as they help to regulate the temperature of your roof & attic. While they are less exposed to moisture than your fascia boards, they have the potential to rot as well.

Some reasons why it’s important for fascia boards to be in good condition:

  • Fascia provides a layer of strength to help stabilize the gutter.
  • Fascia allows a place for the soffit to attach and close off the attic space
  • Soffit is vented which prevents winter ice, water from entering the home, and keeps the home cooler in the summer months.
  • Open rafters without fascia get screwed into the end grain of the available wood. It is not as strong as screwing it into the perpendicular wood of the fascia board (more strength and stability when you are able to screw into grains of wood that run horizontally).
  • Open rafters with no fascia often allow for insects and animals to find their way into your home.

Fascia & Soffit Repair and Replacement In Elgin, IL

If your fascia or soffit boards are rotted, or otherwise in disrepair, our team at Sigma Roofing & Siding is ready to assist! Our team will come to your home, assess the integrity of your home’s fascia and soffit boards, and find the perfect solution! Our team will match your fascia boards & soffits, ensuring that it fits your home’s exterior and aesthetic.

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